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    Are You Ready To Attract A Successful Man Who Shares Your Values And Will Love You Unconditionally?

    I am so excited to connect with you! It’s an honor to have you here.

    You’re in the right place if you’re ready to attract the husband God has for you.

    Don’t lose faith. Your husband is actively looking for you.

    He is waiting to love and treasure you forever.


    But I know you’re questioning if your prayers have gone unheard and if God has forgotten about you. You’re in doubt if a good man even exists, a high-quality man that meets all of your expectations.


    You’re in the right place if you’re feeling:

    ·     Hopeless that marriage-minded men do not exist in the 21st century

    ·     Tired of attracting men that are only about playing games and not looking for a serious relationship

    ·     Afraid that your dream of starting a family with your life partner will not happen

    ·     Confused that close family and friends are finding true love but you cannot seem to have one successful date


    Don’t lose faith. Your husband is close and ready to receive you

           I know this approach works because it worked for me:


    I was single, never married with no children, successful, and approaching 30 while racing against my own biological clock. None of the men I was dating was a potential partner or father. I knew I had to do something different. Meeting men in person was not working for me. 

    In 2008, I decided to try online dating. After 4 months of being online, one special guy (who is now my husband) reached out to me and stated that he liked my smile. Since that one sentence in 2009 we’ve been inseparable. We wed in 2012 and I am happily married with 2 beautiful children.

    I am a licensed professional counselor, certified coach and the author of “From Dating to “I DO” : A Christian Woman’s Guide to Praying, Planning, and Preparing for Your Future Husband.”

    God has given me the passion and calling to work with other professional Christian women that are struggling with attracting their husbands. I want to share with you the exact same steps I’ve used to help position myself in attracting the man God had for me.


    I Want To Invite You To Get Started With an Online Dating Strategy Session With Me.

    This is Your Next Step Towards Attracting Your Successful Man



    Your Online Dating Strategy Session is a 1:1 Call With Me  Where We Will:

    ·     Discover the hidden challenges that are keeping you from attracting your Godly man.

    ·     Find out what you need to finally attract a successful man that shares your values and meets your expectations

    ·     Learn the secret to start enjoying a healthy and fulfilling relationship that will lead to marriage